White Alset GM 4+2L with Camel Seats

Golf Carts Engineered to Perfection

Alset EV started as a wholesale business in 2017 with a team backed by over 30 years of manufacturing experience. With the golf cart industry on the cusp of radical change, we realized the opportunity to make a difference in the industry through becoming a manufacturer. Golf carts are no longer just for golf. They have become a central part of many communities’ outdoor recreational lifestyle. It is our goal to further this trend with the application of emerging technical advancements in electric vehicle systems and manufacturing practices to create a unprecedented driving experience.

Commitment to Quality

At Alset, we believe complete quality does not have to be expensive and in the long run can serve the interests of both the manufacturer and the customer.

Alset EV is guided by a team of knowledgeable quality assurance specialists who strive relentlessly to set high standards at every step in the manufacturing process. Their commitment to quality allows the company to offer an industry‑leading factory warranty program.

With a thorough understanding of value-based engineering, Alset EV incorporates advanced technologies to create smarter designs at costs lower than the market competitors. The combination of experience and technology allows us to build cost‑effective fun and luxurious products.

A close up of the steering wheel on a golf cart

The Support Team

As a cornerstone of a word-class owners experience, Alset EV is committed to support of its products through education, warranty, repair, and a personal relationship with its customers. None of this is possible unless supported by a great team of passionate individuals. Our staff has the experience and skills required to be part of the Alset team. Our dealers demand the very best in support and customer service, and it is our goal to support them every step of the way.